Good Times at CHS craft fair!

Our first craft fair was an awesome time and my daughter made a lot of sales! It was a late night before and early morning of but we both had a great time setting up and showing our products at our booth. We met a crafter in the neighbouring booth and learned a lot through our conversations throughout the show. We even got a visit from the grandparents who helped setup and supported us.

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Sam’s clay creations were liked by all ages. The kids loved the Mario mushrooms and turtles. The teenagers checked out the Studio Ghibli characters and the adults were drawn to the animals and one cool one bought a My Neighbour Totoro set.

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Sam didn’t do only clay creations. She displayed some of her awesome huge paintings and even did some new ones of Olaf and Elsa from Frozen during the fair!

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So our first time out was a blast and we’ve already signed up for another craft fair in town here. Keep an eye out for the announcement to be posted soon!

Craft Fair March 22, 2014


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My daughter and I will be at Courtland High School’s CHS PTSA Craft Show 2014 Saturday, March 19, 2014.

She has an incredible art talent and will have many clay charms, earrings, necklaces and more up for sale. You can see and order her awesome work on her SamGazaam store.

I am making recycled pallet wood wine balancers, wine caddys and birdhouses, some she kindly painted for me. You can see all my products right here in

Click the link below for details in PDF flyer.


Camper towing equipment drawer made from leftover material and old filing cabinet

So today I used pieces saved from a heavy duty wooden filing cabinet, specifically the rail slides, and wood laying around such as trim pieces and plywood to make a drawer in the camper to hold towing equipment. Aside from the pennies for the screws, this was a total re-purpose and totally free build.

Inspiration come from watching Derek “Deek” Diedricksen from youtube channel awesomely re-using things he finds along the road or creatively re-using things as something they weren’t intended .

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Upcycle, Recycle and Re-use

Part of my efforts for living a more sustainable lifestyle is finding new uses for old things. You can find many ways to re-purpose a lot of things that would normally get tossed in the trash. Although, sometimes you just have to break things down to their core components and recycle or discard.

I have cut up and turned an old shirt into a bag with a paracord cinch-tie or the ever-popular shop rag. A simple woodworking project is screwing a pallet wood slat to the wall then bend and screw old silverware into the wood to serve as coat hangers or key hooks. I have also made an entire crate from old pallet and leftover wood. Finally, one of my earlier techy projects was turning old computer board, a CD and clock mechanism into a wall hanging clock.

This is an initial post to give you an idea of what this site is about and hopefully spark an idea in you to re-use or upcycle unwanted items. Stay tuned for projects, tutorials, reviews and items to Upcycle, Recycle and Re-use.