Upcycle, Recycle and Re-use

Part of my efforts for living a more sustainable lifestyle is finding new uses for old things. You can find many ways to re-purpose a lot of things that would normally get tossed in the trash. Although, sometimes you just have to break things down to their core components and recycle or discard.

I have cut up and turned an old shirt into a bag with a paracord cinch-tie or the ever-popular shop rag. A simple woodworking project is screwing a pallet wood slat to the wall then bend and screw old silverware into the wood to serve as coat hangers or key hooks. I have also made an entire crate from old pallet and leftover wood. Finally, one of my earlier techy projects was turning old computer board, a CD and clock mechanism into a wall hanging clock.

This is an initial post to give you an idea of what this site is about and hopefully spark an idea in you to re-use or upcycle unwanted items. Stay tuned for projects, tutorials, reviews and items to Upcycle, Recycle and Re-use.